We are in a moment. Loss and grief are always around and rarely talked about.
Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged us, as a global and local society, into profound, collective loss.


Through my own grief process, I became aware of three things:

1) the variety of emotions associated with grief and the unpredictability of their timeline;

2) the difficulty in speaking about those emotions with others;

and yet 3) the need to hear from others about their experiences.


I also found that my only respites from grief were daily walks in nature, listening to music.

I thus conceived of Pieces of Grief: a series of audio pieces exploring the meaning of loss.
They are intended to be listened to in quiet contemplation while walking the trails of Durant Nature Preserve in Raleigh, North Carolina. They will also live online and will be available later this year.


The project is supported by the City of Raleigh, Office of Raleigh Arts’s SEEK public art program. The pieces will incorporate music and field recordings, and, to include a variety of viewpoints and foster a shared sense of community, the spoken words of community members.
I have set up a Google Voice hotline and I invite you to leave messages about your experiences with grief, which I will then edit and incorporate into the final pieces.


Please read the flyer below and call 984-377-3477 to participate.

I promise to incorporate your responses with thoughtfulness and empathy.

[NOTE: Google Voice will ask you to identify yourself to connect you: there’s no need to do that. Just wait for the BEEP and leave an anonymous voice message.]


Ultimately, I hope this project will be a source of interest (both as art pieces and as a means of self-care) that would offer participants/listeners a concrete, arts-based activity as a conduit for difficult emotions. As social distancing becomes our norm, this is an art piece that can be experienced alone in a public place. Solo, outdoor leisure activities (such as walking in the woods, listening to these pieces) may be one of the few opportunities to enjoy the arts outdoors that we may have for some months. Much has been written about the benefits of exercise, the arts, and ‘forest bathing’/ecotherapy on mental health: this project aims to incorporate those ideas into something meaningful, beautiful, and healing. The project is slated for premiere in fall 2020.


For more information, email felixobelix@gmail.com.